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Hana Andronikova (born Přikrylová, 9.9.1967 - 20.12.2011), born in Zlín, went on to study English and Czech literature at Charles University. Her first novel, The Sound of the Sundial, was published in 2001 to great acclaim, receiving the Book Club Literary Award and the 2002 Magnesia Litera Award. A mature, cultivated, and intensely readable work, the novel spans from a small Czech town to 1930’s India, a Nazi concentration camp, and contemporary America, telling the story of the fatal romance between an engineer named Tomaš Keppler and a young Jewish girl named Rachel, narrated by their son Daniel.

Andronikova’s book of short stories, Heart on the Hook (Petrov 2002), cemented her reputation as an emerging force in the Czech literary scene. 2010 Odeon published "Nebe nemá dno" (Heaven Has No Floor), a diary about her fight with her illness, the presence of death. Therefore she received 2011 the Magnesia Litera Readers' Award. Together with Jana Svobodova she wrote for the theatre Archa plays "Dance through the fence (2008)", and "Jesters, Spies and Presidents (2010)". Hana Andronikova died of cancer on 20.12.2011

I met Hana in December 2001 for the first time at a reading. Made some pictures (at that time not digital) of her, I wrote her a letter and we started to meet, discussing. After those meetings we went together to metro station Mustek, where we had to split, Hana to the direction of Dejvice, I to the direction of Skalka. We always have been waving to each other. Letters and photos I lost during the last moving, some mails have been restored, and her soul is in light moments with me.

Milena Findeis


Created as part of Archa Theatre’s long-term project Dialogues on Escape, Dance through the fence records various phases of the life of a refugee: actors and dancers interpret the authentic accounts of people with uncertain fates, people who are looking for a new life.
Dance through the Fence is a theatrical mosaic which, on the basis of long-term co-operation between professional artists and asylum seekers, tells the authentic stories of Chechen, Burmese, Georgian and Kurdish refugees.
Before each performance, the audience were able to join in creative activities, based on creative work undertaken in refugee camps and led by Radka Dohnalová.
Dance through the fence was also be accompanied by an exhibition in the theatre foyer, presenting photographs from David Kummerman, video-installation from Nadim Mohamed and creative work from the residents of refugee camps at Bělá pod Bezdězem and Přílepy.
Concept and Direction: Jana Svobodová
Written by: Hana Andronikova, 2008
Music: Michael Romanyshyn
Featuring: Eva Hromníková, Daniel Raček, Petra Lustigová, Philip Schenker, Jing Lu, Jan Březina, Gugar Manukjan, Abdulrahman Kasem
All Star Refugee Band: Gugar Manukjan (accordian), Abdulrahman Kasem (oud, singing), Jan Středa (trumpet), Adam Koller (drums), Michael Romanyshyn (clarinet), Jindřich Krippner (clarinet, saxophone)


just got to pucallpa, the nearest town today, great to
read your note, thanks for your prayers. yes, the masks. a week ago i
wrote in my journal: everyone you meet wears a mirror on their face...

the howl 

sending you the sound of my mornings.
under my mosquito net,
i know exactly what time it is
by the sound the jungle makes.
not the time measured in hours and minutes.

time and distance are only categories
invented by humans,
don´t mean much in the forest,
terms unknown in the space of our souls.
the sound of the bird that pushes out the dark.
the moment the little monkeys come.
the kindergarden of birds, rawdy and loud.

the short silence at the very break of the day,
like the sunset.
the power of twilight.
the hour of bats.

two moments of change marked by silence.
learning to accept who i am, in humbleness.
learning to love my flaws,
embracing them -
they turn into rubies.
strange things.
and yet utterly ordinary.
nothing grand,
nothing glamorous.
just feeling the brook in my hair,
not knowing which day it is.
surrounded by eternity itself.

sending you love.
drops of boiling river.




15.11.2019 Freude unmittelbar: Das Kind erklimmt den Kopf der Skulptur und lauscht den Geschichten der Bäume. Sein inneres Strahlen hat mich gewärmt - mitten im November.

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