2/7/2008 not back yet, the higher power is sending me to nevada, to the desert and as much as i would love to go back home, i will follow the orders and do my best. hope to come back to prague in a month or two. sending you love, looking forward to being with you in person (otherwise you are here with me, anytime i think of you).
16/9/2008 i am back. also thinking of you a lot. glad to hear j. likes his new school, but i can imagine how much you miss him. and b. also. i guess i´ll need some time to settle down here, back to civilized world... then we´ll get together and catch up. see you soon.
21/9/2008 looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in the theatre, if you can make it. if not, we´ll see each other soon afterwards.
22/9/2008 sure, don´t worry about the play, hope you have a good trip. i plan to go to zlin on wednesday, should be back on sunday, so we´ll organize something then. it is nice of i. to suggest dinner but i do keep a pretty strict diet so that would be a bit difficult to arrange. safe journey to good old vienna :-)
27/9/2008 i will let you know if things get tough, you are one of my angels, you know. sure, you can publish my howl, if you want, maybe i should edit it before that or what do you thing? my mother is here till tomorrow, yesterday spent the day at homolka tomorrow again, talk with the head doctor of oncology about starting the therapy.
28/11/2008 i am to start my first chemotherapy on monday morning here at homolka hospital, i´ll see how it works, will keep in touch, ok?
28/12/2008 i feel you with me most of the time. You and J. have a place in my heart and I cherish our friendship very much. Sending you love and light and blessings. HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY 2009 BE THE BEST ONE SO FAR.
15/3/2009 thank you for your note, i am going for another chemo tomorrow... it is always helpful to have you on my side :-)
28/4/2009 thanks for sending your inspiring notes, too. love them. i spent 2 weeks in zlin, now came back to prague, starting radiation tomorrow, will get schedule for the next two months - can´t wait to be able to see you. soon.
5/5/2009 i would love to see you!!! i am in prague, undergoing radiation (till the end of june), should have free time over the weekend since my sister was planning to come to prague but now she has a cold so she cancelled... as far as dinner with r. - i´m not sure, i cannot really plan too much ahead since i don´t know how i´d feel at that point of time.
7/9/2009 zdravim mohutne a posilam odkaz na blog respektu, kdyby vas to nahodou zajimalo :-) we are connected since you were on my mind a lot over the last few weeks, i even celebrated your birthday with a glass of good red wine. i am good, all is well, most of the time busy writing, spent most of the summer at my friends summer house on berounka, alone, writing. we should catch up, huh?
19/9/2009 i cannot believe how time flies, where does it go? i´m thinking of you a lot, you occupy a big place in my heart and i know that we will get together, i just have so many things going on right now (i think it is understandable after all those months of therapy when my scope was quite limited). all is fine, as the song goes: i feel good! yes, i feel good. writing and writing, working on a new play, and at the same time trying to finish my book. i´m getting close. on monday i´m leaving for jerusalem for 3 weeks, can´t wait, will be staying with friends, hope to get some writing done in the middle of all that conflicting beauty and to get to the desert, of course. which means that i will see you after i come back, in mid october, if you are around.
21/12/2009 i will be in zlin, leaving tomorrow, will be back on jan 3rd, hope to see you then. i am finishing a book, and still not done, but i am getting closer and closer and that means we will celebrate together not only new year but also my "howling" book. :-) wishing you and j. all the best for xmas and new year
28/01/2010 thank you so much for yesterday, it was so good to see you in person. and talk about j. and life and love and everything else that touches us, all our learnings and adventures... and today the sun shines and reminds us of the bright side of everything, i like that. the photo is great, j. looks fabulous, he became a man, wow, i still remember him when i saw him as a kid... give him a hug for me, he is a very special soul. here is the file with my new book, it has not been edited, so there may be some typos and such. i forgot what was the other thing i said i would send you... can you remind me if you happen to remember? oh, it might be archa, here is the address: www. just in case you want to see havel´s play...

18/03/2010 invitation to the theatre play
DIVADLO ARCHA: JESTERS, SPIES AND PRESIDENTS, The Jesters, Spies and Presidents project is a follow up to the All Star Refugee Company's successful production of Dance Through the Fence.We begin by asking: What would happen if the next Czech president were Syrian refugee Džuan Šedin? The performance was modeled on the current political situation in Europe, in particular the growing wave of neo-Nazism, xenophobia and racism. The candidate for Czech president, Džuan Šemdin, is played by Miran Kasem, a refugee from Syria as well as a musician and barber.
Concept: Jana Svobodová and Hana Andronikova
Script: Hana Andronikova
Director and scenography: Jana Svobodová 
Music: Michael Romanyshyn 
Costumes and props: Štěpán Růžička
Light design: Pavla Beranová
Sound: Jan StředaFeaturing the members of the Allstar Refjúdží Band: Petra Lustigová, Miran Kasem, Jing Lu, Eva Hromníková, Phillip Schenker, Ivana Hessová j.h.
Premiere: 25.3.2010 afterwards we met in Divadlo Archa, chatting, making plans for the future





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